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Customer Priority Recommended Release (14.0)


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DHUSAG5N25Fix a Notes Crash with Windows 10 and update Kb3194798.
Show details for SSIRAS99AGSSIRAS99AGAdded an ini "DisableFontSizeMimeImprovement" to disable the fix for SPR #SSIRAAGJX8 that went into...
ACVR9HHS55Fixed a Notes Client crash when sending mail to groups from recent contacts.This was a regression introduced in 8.5.3...
JCARAQSJB6Fixed an SMTP issue which can cause malformed headers & prevent Internet mail delivery. This was a regression...
RREN9P9KWRFixed an issue where folder will not be expanded when the database is re-opened.
JVEKAQSGCCFixed an issue with shared, private on first use folder not working as expected in 9.01FP9. Folder can not be viewed...
LRHG9GV35JFixed a Server POP3 crash due to a null handle
ASHHABSBHKFixed an issue where running Dbmt on an NSF file, intermittently leaves the ORIG file.
BKAN4MFLWVFix an issue where the named note/profile docs are not being returned when requested.
PMGYAMDCQXFixed a Server crash due to a nullhandle of a note
LCAYAC7JU4Fixed an issue where delivery failure notifications are going dead in the mail.box rather than transferring to O365. ...
YNABANLSUBFixed the error 4399 "Value Is Out Of Range" When Running Deleteuser Lotusscript. This was a regression introduced in...
JPAI9BLRBXFixed an issue where compact fails with the message "Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are...
JMANARHGVAFixed a Domino Server crash on nHttp nnotes.cvsConvertCharSet
TSUAANL4QTFixed the error "Value is out of range" in the NotesAdministrationProcess #DeleteUser
TOGAAF4DVBFixed an issue where folders are not contained in mail files on a migrated server
MKINARJSQ3Fixed an issue where a URL containing the parameter "&redirectto=" is not decoded. This is a regression...
CKUAARDEUW[iNotes] Fix an issue where users are unable to select the font type on Signature using SCN on Chrome
JVEKAQ5JALFixed a roaming user issue that results in an empty "At Location" field when a user roams to another computer. This was...
SAIAATXDA3Client - UI - Fixed an issue where the tab icons where displaying as red squares.
YGAOAAQMHXFixed an issue where the mapped network drive is not visible (due to a long share name) when detaching...
IISA9QEEAHFixed a Domino Server crash due to deadlock in the unread code
PKIM9XSUTUFixed an issue where an SSL certificate validation does not allow partial chains
KKWE9V8HDTFixed an issue where the Notes Client crashes when opening a corrupt email message
MKIN9Z6UZ2Fixed an issue in the web server when processing graphic records
RMAA9ENABRFixed a Domino Server crash on the Dircat task
LAMY8X3498Fix inoperative "Maxdoc" parameter in Database.search method
TDOOAT6LK9Fixed a CPU spike when running dbmt (or updall/update task) and creating a full text index. This is a regression in...


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